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Girlsday at RPflow

Only men who work in technology? No way! Yesterday was ‘Girlsday’ at RPflow and we had 15 girls from the high school ‘De Zeven Linden’ visiting us. They learned about our work flow, got a tour through our facility’s and got their names engraved into a little plate with our logo. It was nice to see how curious they were about the different aspects of our companies.

Girlsday at RPflow

This day was created because girls are often unfamiliar with the technology branch. Visiting companies like ours can help these girls to broaden their view of technology. The origin of Girlsday is in America, where since 1993 the "Take-Our-Daughters-To-Work-Day" has been organized. The purpose of this day is to show girls the value of good education and future career opportunities.

We had a lot of fun yesterday and we want to thank all the girls and their supervisors for their visit.

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